Surrounded and Outnumbered

by Dark Forces

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released June 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Dark Forces Denton, Texas

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Track Name: One perilous journey after another
I am the doom bringer and I am the dark lord
I am the messenger, I am but the first.

Somewhere out there a city stands in a state of peril
gripped by a terrible plague. No place to go for shelter
seek for refuge, no food or drink for as long as I can
remember. Is there anyone to save this city, is there
anyone to save this town? Is there anyone to save
the people that really deserve it? (x2)
All the people that really deserve it (x2)

If it were me, I’d never have it end this way, the thing
about us, we never give up, NEVER GIVE UP.
Sometimes fighters get slain, yet enemies still remain.
Still so far from the end, four orbs all must shine again.
We’ll make ‘em shine.
Track Name: Deep in the heart
In the distance the earth shakes, a necromancer on
wicked quest. Undead, devouring all in their path,
sound the alarm get ready fast!

Unholy armies marched under blackened skies, the
horde lurches ever forward. Few will stay to fight,
except for a couple guys, grab a weapon stick close
to me. I will maim and kill, until the very end.

Bodies all around rising from the ground,
be that as it may, I shall survive this day (x3)
Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!
Let’s never forget all the good times we had!
Track Name: Paper rats
All across the country gangsters go to sleep,
lay down their heads turn over and start to weep
if they can push through it then so can I,
lace up my high tops one step at a time.
This is why people kill themselves,
so this is why gang members rap!
Who do I have to hurt to get some fortune some fame,
it’s hard to see with 24 carats in the way…
now there you go driving slow and riding low,
a thug life,
a quick death,
a rolling stone is only good for a sling the same way a
tanks designed to crush bodies. I’ll ride my bike until I’m
tired enough to sleep until then(x2)
In the ghetto I’ll travel by streetlight, possibly kill those I
encounter adapt and grow,
I shall not falter, persevere and remain triumphant.
Carry one color forward and hold my own- block by block.
Track Name: Monster Stomper
Today sixteen year olds worked harder than me
And I’m not sure if you consider that a victory
But most days it feels great to be alive And some
days it feels good just to be out of jail!
No god above, no devil down in hell,
leaves my mind free- to worry about the in between.
Stay up late all the time, playing games is how I spent my
whole life- You could say it’s a waste but some things will never
I’ve killed thousands upon thousands of monsters,
I’ve cast innumerable magical spells,
I’ve fired 200 hundred million rounds of ammunition
And tonight I’m fucking invincible!
To stand in my path is to stand where others fell
To stand in my path is to stand where others fail
Track Name: Dark Forces
Go and tell your god to leave me and my friends alone!
If he’s so omnipotent, then he should go make his own.
No heaven! No hell!
Just evil men with evil swords, If it’s a battle you’re after
Then brace yourself here we come!
I shall carry on forever a black stamp on history.
Thy will be done on earth in perpetual misery.
Faith is just-believing what-you cannot see-without the facts,
If that’s the case I do believe, I don’t want any part of that.
All I know (x4)
Is Satan wants the very best for me, like hanging out
drinking beer and smoking weed.
Track Name: Early retirement
I’ve been wishing some bad- bad things all on you.
It’s a bit unsettling that dreams can come true.
But well float by like a dead cop in a river,
makes the water so much sweeter. Now I guess you
could say we are fairly lazy but these things happen
when you try to take it easy. Now life says wake up
this is the real world, put up the fun stuff. You’ve got
bills to pay.
Were gonna stay strong, party all night long
just barely do what we have to do!
Track Name: I don't do mornings
I have inside of me the blood of many kings,
senators and saints all fall beneath my fangs.
Hack off my limbs, I shall regenerate, for
centuries I’ve fed upon the human race.
Like a chainsaw ripping through your veins,
if you came for blood you’re in the right place (x2)
I’ve been drinking blood for what seems like an
eternity shall continue for years to come.
So come on and kill me if you’re able my only true enemy
is the sun.
Bitten you’re one of us (x2)
I’ve been drinking blood for what seems like an
eternity shall continue for years to come
So come on and kill me if you’re able my only true enemy
is the sun.
Track Name: Hostile Enviroments
Lately it seems like Christian bullshit is always in my face
Maybe that’s because I’m from Texas, Oh! what a heavenly place.
Hail pestilence!
Hail slaughter!
They say evolution never happened, I’d like to think man can
change his ways, claw his way through the masses
speak of eternity - I think of - time and space
They say evolution never happened, maybe the world
hasn’t ever changed. It’s up to us to push forward
Seems like you would rather stay in place. Think
Of all the times that you worked for nothing
And all you’ve had to give away, now think of all the time that you
label free time and tell me that you’re no mans slave.
Are you no mans slave?
How about we just go our separate ways, and skip the life lectures
If you’ve got nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.
Human beings shape the future but you’re living in the past.